Case Histories

Assisting those who run into financial problems because of mental disease
Case 1

A junior doctor who ran up several thousands of pounds of debt whilst in a manic phase of severe bipolar disease.  The doctor was most grateful not only for help with debt management but also for a neutral, older person to chat to.

Case 2

Another of our beneficiaries also had bipolar disease.  When depressed this person was almost incapable of managing their financial affairs.  As the post was not being checked, mortgage payments were not made.  There were no family members to assist the situation.  Our Visitors helped to fill in forms and made sure that payments were made on time.  

Assisting those in financial trouble following sudden and unexpected bereavement

An Asian lady whose husband died suddenly whilst in post.  They were living in Hospital accommodation at the time which she and her two young children were required to vacate quickly.  She had limited English and knowledge of British customs in terms of house purchase.  She also had a strong cultural need to send money back to her native country for family members.  Her Visitor helped her in many ways, both in seeking help financially and in learning English.

Assisting those in financial trouble following divorce

As a rule the MMBF does not help with ‘topping up’ loss of income secondary to a divorce.  Occasionally however divorce can precipitate a depressive illness which leads to a vicious circle of reduced income, increased debt and more stress.  A Beneficiary who had a divorce started to run into financial problems, not helped by decreasing house prices.  This in turn caused the Beneficiary to be depressed and unable to do overtime which was essential in keeping the family budget balanced.  The children were beginning to enter University education.  Visitors helped by arranging financial advice and by their pastoral role.


The MMBF has helped medical families with gifts and loans in two cases needing specialised medical treatment only available in USA.  In one case, the MMBF helped the family by purchasing air tickets and in the other, by donating towards the living costs needed to stay abroad for several months to complete the treatment.

These are some examples of cases from our records.  Please contact us with potential beneficiaries even if you feel uncertain as to whether we may be able to help.

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